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Oio Vivo Vodnjanska Buza
Vodnjanska Buza

Varietal oil

Oio Vivo Istrian Bjelica
Istrian Bjelica

Varietal oil

Oio Vivo Zizolera

Varietal oil

Oio Vivo Bòn

Blended oil

Oio Vivo Gajardo

Blended oil

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Discover the moments in time

We invite you to discover the moments in time of particular relevance and importance to the Oleum Maris company. A gallery of selected photos will take you on a journey through the challenges, activities and achievements of the company or just simply show you a fraction of reality that the owners wanted to share with you ...

The olive grove today

The olive grove today consists of 15 thousand young olive trees that are five years old and properly distributed over an area of 56 ha as pure olive groves of five indigenous olive varieties and two Italian olive varieties. On the very location of the olive groves, there is the oil storage as well as the tasting room.

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The top quality of the Oio Vivo extra virgin olive oils is determined by repeated analyzes of nutritional and biological values, as well as numerous awards.

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The results of proper cultivation of young olive trees in pure varietal olive groves are the Oio Vivo extra virgin olive oils of superb quality. Harvest of 2014 resulted in three varietal oils of the Busa, the Istrian bjelica and the Zizolera variety and the two blended oils - the Bon and the Gajardo.

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Planting and creating the olive grove

A number of 15 thousand olive seedlings of predominantly indigenous varieties were planted at intervals appropriate for the proper cultivation, thus creating pure varietal olive groves, that all together form the largest olive grove in the southern part of Istria, with a total area of 56 ha.

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Preparing the ground for planting

Field preparation was really challenging and proceeded in several carefully planned stages with the result of a high-quality soil, perfect for olive growing: the red soil enriched with a large amount of limestone that neutralizes the natural acidity of the soil, and favored its humidity retention.

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A view on the uncultivated property

The big fire that destroyed a large area of pine forests left just the bare and rocky area of over 60 ha, that required cultivation and preparation for the next phases of creating the olive grove.

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