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Oio Vivo Olive oils

The Oio Vivo Istrian olive oil is a natural product, the juice squeezed from the fruit of indigenous varieties of young, fresh olives from pure varietal olive groves, with all the valuable biological and nutritional ingredients completely preserved, particularly the polyphenols.
The scientifically confirmed high prevalence of polyphenols, indicates a superior quality of oil, its flavor stability and freshness, and has a favorable direct impact on health and longevity.

The Oio Vivo extra virgin olive oil palette currently offers three varietal olive oils of indigenous Istrian varieties: the Istrian bjelica, Busa and Zizolera with the two blended oils of varying flavor intensity: from mild – Oio Vivo Bon to intense – Oio Vivo Gajardo.

With the increasing growth of our young olive trees, in the coming years, Oio Vivo extra virgin oil will offer of a palette of five varietal oils of indigenous local varieties: Busa, Istrian Bjelica, Rosignola, Zizolera, and Busa Puntosa with an added two varietal oils of domesticated foreign varieties – Leccino and Pendolino. The two blended oils – Bon and Gajardo add equally high quality oils to the palette.

The story of food and the perfect harmony of taste thus becomes an experience and a challenge. Discover and select the flavor that blends perfectly with your favorite dishes and natural ingredients. Spice up your dishes using natural olive juice, full of health and vitality. Celebrate Life!

Proven quality

Continuous periodic analysis of the nutritional values of Oio Vivo oils performed by leading scientific institutions give you the security of consuming an oil of superior quality and freshness which is primarily confirmed by the high share of polyphenols.

Varietal oil

Vodnjanska Buža

harmonious oil

Available packages: 250 mL, 500 mL

The Busa varietal oil has a medium to strong fruity flavor, depending on the degree of ripeness of the fruit during harvest. The oil is clear, of an intense golden-yellow color, with a greenish glow, and it is characterized by balanced bitterness, pungency and long lasting aroma and taste. Complements almost all dishes!


The Busa varietal oil is an excellent complement to fresh food. It goes ideally with blue fish, especially tuna and salmon. However, it also rounds the taste of white fish and grilled seasonal vegetables. Baked pears, topped with the Busa oil, are an excellent combination of sweet pleasure and health.

Varietal oil

Istarska Bjelica

oil of a rich structure

Available packages: 250 mL, 500 mL

The Istrian Bjelica varietal oil is characterized by a pronounced spiciness and bitterness. This extra virgin olive oil of a golden-green color with an aroma of cut grass and green olive fruit is a combination of flavors: of green olives, almonds, asparagus and radicchio. Goes ideally with meat dishes, especially beef and lamb, as well as with hard cheeses.


The Istrian bjelica varietal oil gives a special fullness of flavor to risottos with mushrooms. A chocolate ice cream or bitter chocolate cake quickly becomes a unique dessert when drizzled with a few drops of Istrian bjelica.

Varietal oil


oil of strong character

Available packages: 250 mL

The Zizolera variety is a rare varietal oil. Specific to the area of Vodnjan and southern Istria, its flavor depends on the degree of ripeness of the fruit at the time of harvest. It is characterized by a medium to intense fruity aroma of the olive, green grass and leaves with notes of radicchio and green pepper. Medium to intense bitterness and spiciness.


The intense and powerful Zizolera varietal oil, goes best with dishes of intense flavors like steak, game, foie gras, truffles and mature cheeses, thus creating a new flavor magic. 
It is suitable as a dressing for rocket salad, asparagus and cauliflower.

Blended oil


mild flavor oil

Available packages: 250 mL

Oils with increased content of polyphenols are often characterized by a spicy and bitter taste. However by carefully blending mild and intense olive varieties, we have created an oil of excellent nutritional properties, but all the time remaining both mild and drinkable for the demanding palate.

Olive oil is by its composition, very similar to breast milk, and therefore is extremely important for the healthy growth and development of your child.


The Bon blended oil is an excellent complement to fresh and raw ingredients on every occasion. Goes ideally with raw fish, oysters and clams. Delicately complements the flavor of white fish, seasonal vegetables and grilled mushrooms. Gives the necessary fullness of flavor to seafood risottos. Fruit cups and ice creams topped with this mild oil are true gourmet treats and a healthy surprise for children.

Blended oil


intense flavored oil

Available packages: 250 mL, 500mL, 1L

The blend of oil varieties with a stronger, more intense taste, gives a new dimension to the taste. It is a bold oil, rich in taste, with an intense, ripe olive fruit that gives extra strength and fervor to character dishes.


The Gajardo blended oil of intense flavor, perfectly complements meat dishes such as venison stews, red meats, and a variety of creative sauces for pasta dishes.

This intense and full bodied oil particularly stands out with wild raw mushrooms, poppy strudel, hazelnut and walnut cakes, providing them with a special, intriguing flavor.

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If you want to give your loved ones health and longevity as a gift, and at the same time a chance to enjoy creative culinary experiments with different flavors, then the Oio Vivo olive oil is an excellent gift idea with will never go wrong …

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